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International Travel

Complete travel insurance for students, researchers and professors (and family members) who are going abroad for a period of time. It offers medical assistance of accidents and unforeseen illnisses, as well as repatriation.

The insurance is valid in the country of destination, but it also covers any trip you make to other countries during your stay (except for your home country or regular residence and Canada, USA and Japan).

You will be covered for services you need in case of accident or illness occurring during the stay, like hospitalisation, medical services including specialists, diagnostic tests, treatments, etc., and emergency services. Medical services that are not included are checkups, preventive medicine and medical assistance for prior illnesses or its consequences.

Additionally, the insurance covers repatriation and the travel cover also includes compensation for lost or delayed luggage. Personal liability is also included.

This insurance will reimburse the costs of medical care that is included in coverage. This means you can to the center of your choice, pay for the visit, and afterward you can claim the reimbursement.

ÓMNIBUS offers you a health insurance of the Company SWISSCARE, with comprehensive coverage, which is aimed at all people living abroad for educational reasons, traineeships or in order to gain work experience for example: students, researchers, interns, au pairs, doctorates, PhD’s, postdocs, lecturers, language course participants.

To obtain a quote and to take the insurance out, you can use the Online Application. This page will be opened in a new window.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you buy the insurance trough our website / link.
In order to help you with the application, to receive the certificate in Spanish, and also to offer help when you need medical assistance or other services, it is important that you buy it trough our link. If you go to the SwissCare website directly, you won’t be our client and we can’t help you. (SwissCare has no other representation in Spain, which means that you need to contact with their offices in Switserland).

You can pay the insurance premium with your credit card, without any additional costs. If you prefer you can make a transfer to the Swiss bank account of SWISSCARE. In this case you should send us an email to info@omnibusbcn.com to inform us about the payment.

Once the payment is made, SWISSCARE, will send the certificate by email to email address you have indicated. The certificate is in english, but in case you need a Spanish translation, you can ask us for it. The certificate will be send within 24h – 48h (working days).
On the Application form you should indicate your full address of your home country because this is the addressed used in case of repatriation.


Insurance that covers repatriation in case of death to the country of origin. Duration: 1 year renewable